Some Vapers Like E Cigarette Tank Systems Better



Man, has the e cigarette market gotten bigger and better recently or what? In the past couple of years, e cigarettes have literally exploded on the scene for smokers that have long searched for a better alternative to smoking when there was none. Now a smoker looking to try e cigs for the first time have a much broader selection to choose from, including e cigarette tank systems.

An e cig tank holds more e liquid. Instead of using a little bitty cartridge or cartomizer that holds a small amount of e liquid and must be changed or refilled often, an e cigarette tank can last much longer and according to some, deliver a lot more vapor. They have bigger batteries and that can mean longer puffing times as well. They also usually have variable voltage so you have more control over the e cig.

There are all kinds of tank systems available now for those that think they could be better satisfied using one instead of a standard e cigarette.

Two companies that sell nice tank system set ups are Halo Cigs and Volcano Cigs.

lavatubesystemVolcano has the Lavatube

tritontanksystemHalo has the Triton.


Mad Vapes is another company that sells all kinds of  e cigarette supplies including tanks.

Contact Your E Cig Supplier For Troubleshooting

repairingecigaretteAt one time or another, every e cigarette user is going to encounter a problem here and there. Vapers that are very knowledgeable will often be able to figure out what the problem is on their own, but those that are really new to vaping may find it more difficult to figure out what the problem is.

There are many places you can go to on line to find the solutions to many e cigarette problems, but the issue you might run into is not being able to find accurate information on your particular product.

In the event you have a problem like your e cig charger is working, your battery dies too fast or even if you aren’t getting the amount of puffs from your cartomizers as you thought you should, go right to the source!

Calling the company that sold you your vaping product is one of the fastest and best ways to get the exact information you need to fix the problem. If it happens that the product is still under warranty and is faulty, then you are also already on the phone with the people that can replace it for you!

Save yourself some time trying to figure out what’s wrong on your own. If you alter the battery, cartomizers or chargers in any way with experimenting to fix them, you might actually void any warranty you have left. It is always better to contact your company and let a customer service rep walk you through the steps to determine and fix your e cig issue!

Where Can I Buy The Best Vapor Cigarettes

So, You have made up your mind that you are going to take the leap, but to where?

There are well over 200 brands of vapor cigarettes and you do not have time to sift through the chaff to get to the wheat.

I will save you a lot of time and heartache by giving you the top 2 as I see it. Not a bunch of hoopla or B.S. Just the best and the things that sets them apart.

No 1. V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs has very good products, from the batteries, to the atomizers to the e liquid, they teat everything they get their hands on.

They test batteries, chargers, cartos (They designed a “Puff Tester”) and each batch of e liquid used in the cartos and their bulk e liquid is batch tested for safety.

Strong and good tasting vapor is their signature, reliability is the standard they set and customer service is 100% awesome based on my experience.

So, where can you buy the best mini vapor cigarette? At V2 Cigs.

No 2. Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is the new comer to the game, but they broke out with a bang! They started out with their Halo Triton. It is a tank system that packs a huge punch.

Load the tank with your favorite e liquid (They claim batch testing, but supply no proof like v2 cigs), screw it onto their battery and it is game on for over 24 hours for even the heaviest smokers.

No need to refill or change batteries after 6 to 8 hours of use because you have at least 24 hours with this Triton Cig and I personally get a day and a half without a battery recharge and e liquid refill. This is the one I use and is my personal favorite.

So…if you are a super smokers (two packs a day or more), you will want a Triton kit and some e liquid. this is the most cost effective kit today as far as I am concerned.

So where do you get the best e vapor cigarettes for the heaviest of smokers? Halo Cigs and get the Triton Tank.

I not only showed you where to get them, I gave you links so it is easy for you.

Vapor Cigarettes in Chicago – How do smokers feel about water vapor cigarettes?


How do smokers feel when they first realize what they are dealing with? I can tell you that I was simply amazed, and bought one immediately.

I paid almost 200 bucks for it. Yeah, I no longer smoke tobacco cigarettes and opted for a permanent change to vapor cigarettes over 4 years ago now.

From what people ask me on the streets, some are getting confused with vapor cigarette types and the ones used for medical marijuana. You can see them on this vaporizer reviews site and water vapor cigarettes are like what you see here.

There is nothing illegal they use in any state.


Alternatives to Cigarettes


Alternative to Cigarettes

If you are a smoker you must have thought about quitting at some time. Cigarettes contain nicotine and that is what gets you addicted. Quitting smoking can be more difficult than a drug addict freeing themselves from drug addiction.

There are multiple smoking cessation measures on the market including but not limited to nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and even nicotine lozenges. Unfortunately, these methods of quitting have a very small success rate.

Other Methods of Quitting

Some people seek further methods of smoking cessation such as acupuncture, hypnotism, and medications that can be prescribed by a licensed physician.

Some people even go as far as behavioral therapy to stop smoking. It also has a small rate of success.

If Quitting Isn’t an Option, Make a Switch

Since quitting smoking is so difficult to accomplish you may have found yourself in a predicament where you have failed to quit. So since quitting may be out of the picture, you could switch from smoking to vaping. Vaping an e cig is a much better alternative to smoking than those other smoking cessations. Electronic cigarettes are a way to get the nicotine you desire without also inhaling all the other carcinogens found in cigarettes.

Check out how e cigs are more of a new technology than a new way to smoke.

What is the Big Deal with Vaping


Why E Cigs Are Growing in Popularity

Electronic Cigarettes are a great new way to get the nicotine you desire. And now you can do so without all the other toxins that are found in tobacco smoke such as tar, arsenic, and all of the other cancer causing carcinogens found in cigarettes.

E cigs are the best alternative to smoking and they have been since they hit the shelves almost a decade ago. Now there are over 250 brands of e cigs and they come in several different styles, models, shapes, sizes, and colors. It is really more of a new technology and not a tobacco product.

What is an E Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is composed of three major components. A battery, a cartomizer, and an atomizer.

Most electronic cigarette look just like an ordinary cigarette, however these days you will find e cigs that look like a fancy futuristic pen.

E cigs began with nicotine filled cartridges and now you can get them nicotine free or you can get them with a drip tip that takes an e liquid.

E Liquids

E liquids come in over a hundred different flavors and several different nicotine strengths so there is sure to be a flavor out there for you.

Problems with Vaping

Now that vaporizing e cigs have become an expected multi-billion dollar industry they are looking at being regulated the same way as tobacco products. This is unfair to the user because we should be able to choose our own brands and where we get them from.

Being able to purchase e cigs and e liquids online is very convenient for most and it also gives us the opportunity to do the research to find out what we like and what we want, not what the government, big tobacco, and big pharma want us to want.