Where Can I Buy The Best Vapor Cigarettes

So, You have made up your mind that you are going to take the leap, but to where?

There are well over 200 brands of vapor cigarettes and you do not have time to sift through the chaff to get to the wheat.

I will save you a lot of time and heartache by giving you the top 2 as I see it. Not a bunch of hoopla or B.S. Just the best and the things that sets them apart.

No 1. V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs has very good products, from the batteries, to the atomizers to the e liquid, they teat everything they get their hands on.

They test batteries, chargers, cartos (They designed a “Puff Tester”) and each batch of e liquid used in the cartos and their bulk e liquid is batch tested for safety.

Strong and good tasting vapor is their signature, reliability is the standard they set and customer service is 100% awesome based on my experience.

So, where can you buy the best mini vapor cigarette? At V2 Cigs.

No 2. Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is the new comer to the game, but they broke out with a bang! They started out with their Halo Triton. It is a tank system that packs a huge punch.

Load the tank with your favorite e liquid (They claim batch testing, but supply no proof like v2 cigs), screw it onto their battery and it is game on for over 24 hours for even the heaviest smokers.

No need to refill or change batteries after 6 to 8 hours of use because you have at least 24 hours with this Triton Cig and I personally get a day and a half without a battery recharge and e liquid refill. This is the one I use and is my personal favorite.

So…if you are a super smokers (two packs a day or more), you will want a Triton kit and some e liquid. this is the most cost effective kit today as far as I am concerned.

So where do you get the best e vapor cigarettes for the heaviest of smokers? Halo Cigs and get the Triton Tank.

I not only showed you where to get them, I gave you links so it is easy for you.